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◄ 28 Jul 2010 ►◄ New video►

Today, a new official video for Lenna's next solo single Kogu tõde jüriööst had been presented in ETV's program Eesti Top 7. You can help Lenna's clip get higher in this chart by voting for it HERE. All you have to do is to mark the spot next to Lenna - Kogu tõde Jüriööst UUS and then click Hääleta. In the next episode we will see if the video get into fight for the 1st place in the chart or if it is not going to be present in the program again. You can watch the whole clip below. And do not forget to VOTE!

Lenna - Kogu tõde jüriööst
Uploaded by bigproblem11.

Written by: Zuzia ● Comments: 13

◄ 28 Jul 2010 12:23 pm ►◄ jumanji►

pure happiness smile

◄ 28 Jul 2010 12:55 pm ►◄ TNT►

It is very Nice song,clip and melody.Clip have happiness effect on me smile and melody and nice guitar solo plays 2 days in my head smile Good work

◄ 28 Jul 2010 04:47 pm ►◄ vn-lt-fan►

The best song which i have heared so far from new stuff :)

◄ 28 Jul 2010 05:56 pm ►◄ satu.►

does lenna fall down @ the end? 2:37 or sth :DDD

◄ 28 Jul 2010 05:58 pm ►◄ satu.►

oh it's @ 2:19 ;P

◄ 28 Jul 2010 06:57 pm ►◄ Lili►

It's a really nice song and video!!!! laughing I love it!!! smile

◄ 29 Jul 2010 01:35 am ►◄ karina

nice video :) I also like the song pretty much :)
but am I wrong or has she changed her hair color a little? because it seems to be darker now :o

◄ 29 Jul 2010 04:14 pm ►◄ suurprobleem►

Õhtuleht writes (real article is from Anne/Stiil), that Piret moved with her fiance live to the countryside. 40 km fro Tallinn. And she feels happy there.

◄ 29 Jul 2010 04:33 pm ►◄ r4►

vote, vote, vote for lenna :)

◄ 02 Aug 2010 09:12 pm ►◄ tom►

oh well it's really bad

◄ 09 Aug 2010 06:27 pm ►◄ Mrs.Kuurmaa►

TOM don't you have other stuff to do instead of saying that all what Lenna does is bad??? If you are not a fan anymore ok, but please just let her do her work!
she seems to be very very happy and proud of what she is doing, so just let her do!
and by the way the song and the video is really really cool, I like it :)

◄ 16 Aug 2010 10:20 pm ►◄ Tom►

I didn't say all she does it bad. I just wrote my opinion and I have a right to do it.

◄ 16 Aug 2010 10:29 pm ►◄ Zuzia►

@ Mrs. Kuurmaa - Tom is a fan and he has a right to share his opinion, this is what comments are for :) We are also very proud of what Lenna is doing and we support her, but if someone doesn't like a few of her actions - it's his right. and what is more, criticism is helpful. Tom shares his opinion and it can help Lenna to improve the way her videos are made.

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