◄ 13 Mar 2010 ►◄ Eesti Laul performances►

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◄ 13 Mar 2010 ►◄ Piret answered fans questions►

Kroonika readers had an opportunity to ask Piret questions online. Here are the ones she answered in English:

Hi Piret. How are you? My question concerns your new project Disko 4000. You have in planned make video to "Ei Usu"?
There is no plan to make a video for “Ei usu” but i am sure there will be videos for the future songs of Disko4000.

Hi Piret! (: How long do you practisce playing the guitar per diem/day? is it true that you play piano as well? or do you play some other instruments? :) much love ! kiki
Hey Kiki! There are days when I play my guitar for many hours in a row – for example when I am writing songs. But there are also days when I don´t play it at all. Therefore it is hard to say exactly how much is the average time that I spend on practicing. And yes, it is true that I took piano lessons when I was little. I studied piano for approximately 5 years although I have to admit that my piano-skills have become kind of rusty by now. Besides piano and guitar I have played bass-guitar.
Read more..

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◄ 12 Mar 2010 ►◄ Lenna and Piret didn't win Eestilaul►

None of the Vanilla Ninja girls are going to Norway! Lenna got to the second part of the show and failed to win with Malcolm Lincoln. It means she got the second place in the Estonian pre-selections for Eurovision. Piret and her band Disko 4000 got 7th place.

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◄ 10 Mar 2010 ►◄ Lenna won the golden microphone!►

Lenna's Eurovision song "Rapunzel" seems to be a great success in Estonia. A few days ago, Lenna was seen receiving an award. She attended a show where fans voted their favorite song for "Eestilaul" which means, best Estonian song for Eurovision. The singer won a huge golden microphone! Congratulations!

If you want to see Lenna with the award, click here.

This news comes from our partner site Lenna-Kuurmaa.com

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◄ 10 Mar 2010 ►◄ Lenna performed "Rapunzel"►

Today, ETV broadcast Lenna's "Rapunzel" performance. You can watch it here.

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◄ 10 Mar 2010 ►◄ Vanilla Ninja support earthquake victims►

The news about the devastating earthquake in Chile is depressive! Lots of people injured and many still missing in Concepcion province and surroundings... We feel very sorry from the bottom of our hearts to all the people and their friends who had suffered through that disaster or even died. We please to forward our supportive words to all the victims that lost their family members or home. We are in thoughts with our Chilean fans and the Chilean people. We have strong memories from your beautiful country and surely we will visit again this 2010 with our music!.
We wish you a lot of strength and iron mind! Take care!

Vanilla Ninja
Katrin Siska, Lenna Kuurmaa, Piret Järvis

Tallinn, Estonia. March 2010

Source: www.vanillaninja.cl

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◄ 09 Mar 2010 ►◄ Disko4000 acoustic►

Yesterday, Piret and her band performed on ETV. Watch the video:

Disko 4000 - Ei Usu (Unplugged)
Uploaded by: bigproblem11.

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◄ 01 Mar 2010 ►◄ Disko4000 in "Ringvaade"►

Today, Piret performed in the same show called "Ringvaade" that Lenna did last week. Watch the performance here. And interview is available here. What do you think of her performing for the first time on her own without Vanilla Ninja?

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◄ 25 Feb 2010 ►◄ Lenna performed "Rapunzel"►

Today, ETV broadcast the show "Ringvaade" with a performance of Lenna's Eurovision song "Rapunzel". Watch below:

Lenna Kuurmaa - Rapunzel
Uploaded by bigproblem11.

The interview is available here.

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◄ 15 Feb 2010 ►◄ Lenna writes from Africa►

Lenna wrote a mail to the readers of VNCity. Read the translation below:

"I am in Zanzibar, an island located in Africa, Tanzania, Indian Ocean.:)
The whole island has been left without electricity for the past 2 months and it makes communication quite difficult. One month in India was very interesting. I got to see real Indian life and their situation. I have been travelling a lot around, which was quite tiring, but eventually a wonderful experience.

Zanzibar is still in the hot climate as India. A few days ago, there has begun the biggest local music festival - Sauti za Busara. Artists are mostly from Africa, but there are also projects from Europe and Japan. Very interesting performers, a lot of traditional African music and dance.

Greetings to everyone at home. I am looking forward to the Eesti Laul show and to working on my solo album when I come back.

Hot Valentine's Day greetings from Africa!


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