◄ 22 Apr 2010 ►◄ Lenna`s concert►

On 23rd of April Lenna will give a solo concert in Tartu, in Club Genialistide. The show starts at 21:00 (Estonian time). Tickets are available to buy for 50 EEK and 75 EEK on the day of the show. Lenna is going to perform with band Incomparable 3. Besides them will play: Kosmosepealinn, Kalvik, Heivi S, Renca Renca, Tommy Tune, Masin Ligema.
Source: VNCity

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◄ 22 Apr 2010 ►◄ Lenna again in 'Kodu Keset Linna'►

Angela, a character played by Lenna, comes back to "Kodu Keset Linna" ("Home in the centre of the city"). It is still unknown for how many episodes. VNCity stands that she will appear again on 26th or 27th of April 2010.

Source: VNCity

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◄ 21 Apr 2010 ►◄ I am Joanna►


My name is Joanna, 16.
I'm a huge VN (especially Piret) fan. I've never been to Estonia and I've never met any Ninja girl, but I speak and understand the language.

From now on I will also post news on love-ninjas.com .
I have 4 own Ninja pages on myspace.

Greetings smile

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◄ 21 Apr 2010 ►◄ Piret took part in the conference to the information society►

On the 17th of March the ministry of economy and communication, from the conference became organised the information society. Departmental staff Piret Järvis also took part.

The conference was designed to sharpen the consciousness and to think together about the challenges of the new information society.

This year there were two main topics, among the rest, the role of the Green IT in the public sector of the social media.

Source: VNCity

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◄ 20 Apr 2010 ►◄ "Tuhala nõiakaevu loits"►

Recently Estonian musicians united and sang a song "Tuhala Nõiakaevu Loits". Their goal in doing this was to protect the Tuhala Nõiakaev (a water well). Lyrics and music are written by Urmas Sisask. He has done it, because he wants the well to be left where it is. Why should it ever be removed? Because businessmen want to build a limestone mine there. The destruction of the well for sure will disturb the unique water submersion and that, obviously, is very dangerous for Estonian environment. As you can remember, such actions had taken place before and fruits of them are for example songs "Vabadus Valatud Verest" and "Georgiale". Among those who perform in it are: Karavan, Karl Madis, Lea Liitmaa, Birgit Õigemeel, Marvi Vallaste, Birgit Varjun, Kerli Kõiv, Kristjan Kasearu, Koit Toome, Uku Suviste, Ott Lepland, TTÜ Meeskoor, Tütarlastekoor Ellerhein, Päär Pärenson, Henry Kõrvits, and, of course, Lenna Kuurmaa.

"Tuhala nõiakaevu loits"
Uploaded by Seenetreial.

Thanks for help to Marie.
Source: Ninjaportaal

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◄ 20 Apr 2010 ►◄ Lenna will perform on a charity concert►

Estonian Cancer Society announced, that they will organize another charity concert-show, to raise money, to help people with cancer treatment. The concert takes place on 30 September in Nokia Concert Hall. This time the concert is dedicated to Elvis Presley. His songs will be performed by lots of different Estonian pop stars, like - Gerli Padar, Lenna Kuurmaa, Birgit Varjun, Ivo Linna, Tõnis Mägi, Tanel Padar, Hendrik Sal-Saller, Ott Lepland and Andrus Kasesalu. Singers will be supported by Otsakool's Big Band, Siim Aimla's Band and Boogie Company.
Tickets to the show you can purchase here.

Thanks for this news to suurprobleem!

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◄ 20 Apr 2010 ►◄ Lenna & Artur Talvik peformed U2 song►

Lenna & Artur Talvik performed 3 times at Laulud Tähtedega show, which was broadcast last Sunday. They had to perform 2 different songs and then perform one song again, to compete for staying in the show for another week, with another singing couple. First song they performed was U2's "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For", 2-nd one was their own version of "Mack the Knife", from musical "The Threepenny Opera", with Estonian name "Vale lugu" (Wrong song).

Lenna & A Talvik - I Still Haven't Found What I'm...
Uploaded by: bigproblem11

Lenna & Artur Talvik - I Still Haven't Found What...(2-nd)
Uploaded by: bigproblem11

Lenna Kuurmaa & Artur Talvik - Vale lugu
Uploaded by: bigproblem11

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◄ 19 Apr 2010 ►◄ Lenna Kuurmaa in book "trailer"►

Margus Karu, Estonian writer, is releasing his new book - "Nullpunkt". An idea of making a trailer to it came to his head suddenly, while he was talking with his friend. They started calling their friends and these friends started calling their friends. Now, as a fruit of this co-operation we can watch a short video about upcoming book, starring... Lenna Kuurmaa. You can see her from 1:08.

Nullpunkt trailer
Uploaded by raamatnullpunkt.

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◄ 18 Apr 2010 ►◄ Piret advertises Silmalaser company►

On www.silmalaser.ee we can read Piret's statement:
"I remember that at the first moment of the operation I could observe a big room - it was the first time I saw the big numbers around the water clearly. I was really happy! Begin your day without unpleasant contact lenses and see all the things with your own eyes, it's worth an operation. SILMALASER offers you clear orders and friendly communication with the doctors. There has never been a moment where I felt confused or scared. The operation was painless and quick, just as promised" - Piret

Source: myspace.com/piretmusic

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◄ 18 Apr 2010 ►◄ Vanilla Ninja's songs copied. Again!►

Perhaps you guys remember when we informed about the African covers of Vanilla Ninja's songs? We feel like some kind of Deja Vu. Noone expected the recycling of their songs would go on. And guess what? We have just learned about three other songs covered by another artist... in German!
Christian Lais is a Bros Music Blaue Zone label artist who was signed in 2004. He has been working with David Brandes (sounds familar, doesn't it?) since then. Since 2008 they have been releasing a Vanilla Ninja cover each year. In 2008 they released "Ich hab dich nie verloren" - a cover of "I Don't Care at All". In 2009, the song called "Wehrlos" was released, which is a cover of "Heartless" and a few months ago he released "Doch es tut weh" - his version of "Stay".

Listen to these songs here:
Doch es tut weh
Ich hab dich nie verloren

I only want to add that these "Stay" and "Heartless" covers are the 2nd ones already ;) And "Ich hab dich nie verloren" has even some of the lyrics copied (I didn't check the other ones). How many covers are still to come? Who knows. Don't they have any shame to stop copying the same songs?

Do you think the recycling Vanilla Ninja's songs will ever stop??? Does it mean these songs are so good that other artists want it? Or is it just plain copying?

Thanks for the information to jaymz.

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