◄ 08 May 2010 ►◄ Ühtne Eesti Suurkogu►

Yesterday, the big event - Ühtne Eesti Suurkogu - took place in Saku Suurhall in Tallinn. As it is commonly known, Lenna is a member of this party and also because of that she was present on this gathering. She gave a little performance there. More information and details will be given soon. For now, you can see photos of Lenna on Delfi Pilt.

Source: Delfi.ee

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◄ 06 May 2010 ►◄ Elu Veinimõisas ►

As Piret mentioned in an online-interview, there won't be DVDs released from the documentary 'Elu Veinimõisas'.
To watch it, go to TV3 online site and choose from the box: Elu Veinimõisas - 2010 - choose the episode you want to watch and click on Mängi nüüd.
This is especially helpful for the ones who can't watch it on Estonian TV.

Source: Kroonika

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◄ 06 May 2010 ►◄ Rock Diva 2010►

After winning Viña del Mar festival in Chile, Vanilla Ninja was meant to make a tour in Latin America. It did not work out then, but there were big plans and actions to make this tour happen in different time. Broken Records has just informed fans on their official site that Rock Diva Promotour will take place this year. Vanilla Ninja is going to visit Mexico, Brazil, Argentina and Chile. There are no specific places and dates yet, but you can already look at the first tour promo-poster and advertisement on Broken Records Official Site

Source: Broken Records

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◄ 04 May 2010 ►◄ Kodu Keset Linna►

On 26th and 27th April Angela, a character played by Lenna, appeared again with a short episode in Kodu Keset Linna. To watch it, go to TV3 online site and chose from the box: Kodu Keset Linna - 2010 - 26/04/10 Kodu Keset Linna and click on Mängi nüüd. You can watch Lenna from 27:13 min. For the second episode do the same, but at the end chose 27/04/10 Kodu Keset Linna. Lenna is there from 1:00 min.

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◄ 03 May 2010 ►◄ Lenna's new tattoo►

On yesterday's edition of the show Laulud Tähtedega much attention has been payed to Lenna, not only because of her performances but also because of her new tattoo. She has placed it on the nape of the neck. It is a little inscription in Latin which says "Omnia vincit amor" what means "Love wins everything". Lenna believes it really does.
"I believe that love is a driving force of the world and we are all dependent from it. Without love and its presence, there is no sense, no matter how good or beautiful everything seems..." she says.

Source: Õhtuleht

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◄ 03 May 2010 ►◄ Lenna & Artur in final►

Lenna, togheter with Artur Talvik, got to the final of Laulud Tähtedega. They did it at first attempt, so they did not have to sing second time in order to stay in programme. Final is going to be held on 16th May in Pärnu kontserdimaja suur saal. You can buy a ticket on Piletilevi.ee.

Lenna Kuurmaa & Artur Talvik - Play that funky music
Uploaded by bigproblem11.

Lenna Kuurmaa & Artur Talvik - Sa vaiki nüüd
Uploaded by bigproblem11.

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◄ 01 May 2010 ►◄ Mine tee tööd►

In today's edition of the programme "Muusika ja mõnda" in Vikkerradio new Lenna's song was played. It's title is "Mine tee tööd". It is unknown if this song is going to be put on her new solo CD, but she is going to perform with it on Meeste Tantsupidu festival. You can listen to this song on Vikkerradio's site. Lenna's song starts from 9 min.

Thanks for the news to Kätlin!

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◄ 26 Apr 2010 ►◄ Laulud Tähtedega videos►

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◄ 23 Apr 2010 ►◄ Interview with Lenna and Artur►

In the last round of Laulud Tähtedega Lenna and Artur just have got on one more round. From the jury they got good assessments, indeed, they got only few phone calls of the spectators and had to appear, therefore, as renewed. At the end of the broadcasting they could assert themselves against Birgit Varjun and Sven Seste and reached the next round. "I spoke with Lenna which we both had before already a bad feeling", remembered Artur. Indeed, the whole broadcasting had relatively bad ratings there in the same evening the volume Metallica in the Saku Suurhall in Tallinn it performed.

Lenna confirmed which she also had doubted on herself. "Not at this point, we have not performed badly, really not - I was very contented, but the song choice posed big problems to us."

In the first round Lenna and Artur sang the hit "I still haven't found what I'm looking for" of the Irish rock band U2. "It is a sad song, I think I shouldn't sing any song of Bono, he is so full of power", said Artur, "the song was still well, because we both could point what we are able to do."

In the second round they interpreted "Vale lugu" (Mack the knife) from the 3 groschen opera. "The second song was too easy for us", thinks Artur. "Cool and charmingly, but the energy, our big strength, was absent in this song", he put away.

Ohtuleht visited the participants during the tests and spoke with Lenna & Artur, but also with already eliminated participants like Uku & Kersti.

Source: VNCity

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◄ 22 Apr 2010 ►◄ The sexiests►

Kroonika`s The Sexiests event is well known among Vanilla Ninja fans, because girls have been chosen several times and were placed on highest positions. In 2005 Piret was chosen the sexiest woman in Estonia. Lenna took 1st place twice - in 2006 and 2009. Now it is time again to choose the sexiest man and woman in Estonia. This year way of voting is different. Only Estonians can vote and they need to do this via SMS. It is very easy. All you have to do is to write:
Mees (space) name (space) surname - for example: Mees Robert Vaigla ;
Naine (space) name (space) surname - for example: Naine Katrin Siska ;
Then you have to send it to number 1512. It costs 11EEK .

Source: Kroonika

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