◄ 14 May 2010 ►◄ Lenna on the CD premiere►

Yesterday Lenna appeared on premiere of Märt Avandi's and Ott Sepp's CD and DVD „Pean saama Eurovisioonile, muidu suren 2010“ which includes funny songs they recorded specially for the occasion of hosting Eesti Laul 2010. You can view photos from the party by clicking on the thumbnail below.

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◄ 14 May 2010 ►◄ New shows►

Lenna is flying to Shanghai with her band soon, to perform on EXPO 2010. But besides that there are a few other shows taking place. Firstly, there is Ivo Linna's tour "Tagasi tulevikku - elu rokib!" where Lenna will be the main star (besides Ivo Linna, of course). Dates and places of the show has not been changed. Secondly, Lenna's band will perform on "DILETANTIDE AVANGARD vol.18" party. The event is taking place on 21st of May, in club EKKM in Tallinn and it starts at 18:00 (GMT+2). Besides that there's also Laulud Tähtedega final being held on 16th of May in Pärnu, where she is going to perform 3 songs togheter with Artur Talvik. The song are: “Cool Vibes”, “Kirilinnu laul” and “Ilus oled, isamaa”. Lenna is having busy May.

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◄ 14 May 2010 ►◄ Kelgukoerad►

Kelgukoerad is an Estonian criminal TV series played on Kanal 2. Now, new character is going to appear there. New investigator - Lili - will be played by Lenna Kuurmaa. We will be able to watch her for the first time today, at 21:30 (GMT+2) on Kanal 2. Producent of the series, Toomas Kirss, offered her the role around the week ago and her reaction was very positive. What does Lenna say about her engagement?
"I accepted this role because I have always wanted to develope as and actress and new challenges are always very welcome for me.".
Maybe she will show some stagy tricks she learned in New York?

Source: Kroonika

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◄ 14 May 2010 ►◄ Disko4000 will perform in Tallinn►

Disko4000 will perform on the 16th of May 2010.
The performance will take place at the Vabaduse Väljak in Tallinn and will
begin at 5 pm [GTM+2].
The entrance is free.

Source: Kallervo Karu

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◄ 14 May 2010 ►◄ Piret's hairstyle is an inspiration►

Yesterday, Delfi and an Estonian hairstylist, Marika Heering announced the 10 famous women, whose hairstyles inspires Estonians.Piret is on the first place, with her famous side parting.
Marika Heering adds that Piret's side parting is one of the most popular hairstyles and her personal favourite. The style is rather suitable for younger women. Piret has kept this hairstyle for a long time, that's why Marika Heering calls it historical.

Source: Delfi

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◄ 14 May 2010 ►◄ Interview with Katrin ►

On 6th of May 2010 Katrin was invited to give an interview in Russian in the programme 'Dobroje Utro Tallinn'. She has been asked about the Lindakivi Centre and her activities there. Siska invited people to come and see the Lindakivi Centre.

Katrin Siska's Interview @ Dobroje Utro Tallinn
Uploaded by bigproblem11.

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◄ 12 May 2010 ►◄ Vote for Estonia's Sexiest►

Delfi.ee started a poll: Who is Estonia's sexiest?
Scroll down and choose your sexiest man - mees - and your sexiest woman - naine - and click on vasta to send your vote in.
From the women you can choose also Katrin and Lenna.

Source: Delfi.ee

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◄ 11 May 2010 ►◄ Katrin Siska - new image, new style!►

Check out the making of Katrin's photoshoot! Visit this website to view the photos. This time, Katrin has been photographed by Stina Kase. For now, you can also see the only published photos here: 1st, 2nd.

This is what we can read on the blog of the stylist Liisa Ennuste:
"Here’s the backstage of the shooting, which took place last Thursday. We had a perfect team – photographer Stina Kase, makeup artist Mammu and be-a-utiful Katrin Siska! Katrin asked me to do the styling for the shoot and I was totally IN! Btw I’ve already seen a sneakpeak of the result and it was gorgeous… I would so much like to add it to my portfolio already. Although I lent loads of clothes from the shops, the final outfits were half mine / half Kati’s wardrobe:P "

The pictures should be online soon and we'll keep you updated if they appear!
What do you think about Katrin's new hairstyle and clothes?

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◄ 11 May 2010 ►◄ Mida sa teed?►

Lenna's first solo CD is meant to come out soon. We were already able to listen to 2 singles from it: Musta pori näkku and Rapunzel. Now, her new song has reached radio stations. "Mida sa teed?" ("What are you doing?") is commonly played and you can listen to it on Raadio 2 site. Just find REEDE | 07. MAI 2010 bookmark, click on 15:00 Muusikanõukogu. Lenna's song starts on 10:49 min. So, what do you think about this one?

Thanks for the info to Kätlin

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◄ 11 May 2010 ►◄ Rock Diva - really?►

Lately we've posted the news that Rock Diva Promotour can take place this year. Well, it seems that Vanilla Ninja girls don't know anything about it. We've asked Lenna on this subject. Here is what she has answered us:
we dont know anything about it. would be cool if it happend, but i dont know anything about such actions."
Well, it looks like VN fans from Latin America are forced to wait a little bit longer again to see their idols performing live on stage.

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