◄ 04 Jun 2010 ►◄ Love Ninjas at Facebook►

Hello our visitors. We suggest you to join ("like") our Love Ninjas page at Facebook. The page is for people who like and visit www.love-ninjas.com. We want to know our visitors better! Don't be shy - join us and share the ninjalove :)

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◄ 04 Jun 2010 ►◄ Heavy Mental►

It is now possible to purchase Lenna's first solo album "Lenna" in Heavy Mental internet shop. You can buy the CD alone (16.25€), togheter with promotional T-shirt designed by Lenna herself (25.75€ or 22.50€ depending on the colour) or purchase only the T-shirt (12.95€ yellow or 9.95€ sand colour). It is available also for people from outside Estonia.

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◄ 03 Jun 2010 ►◄ Samples from Lenna's album►

You can listen to the samples from Lenna's album below:

Do you like the new sound?

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◄ 31 May 2010 ►◄ Lenna on EXPO►

You can watch a short preview of Lenna's "Rapunzel" performance on EXPO in China here.

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◄ 30 May 2010 ►◄ "Lenna" in shops!►

Lenna's first solo album "Lenna" has already reached the shops! It contains 10 songs, including well-known Musta pori näkku, Rapunzel and Mida sa teed. The publisher is Mortimer Snerd OÜ. You can purchase the CD on Lasering.ee. Lenna is celebrating the premiere on 4 concerts - 4th, 5th, 11th and 20th June.

Thanks for the info to Kätlin.

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◄ 29 May 2010 ►◄ 5th anniversary of Eurovision performance►

It's been exactly 5 years since Vanilla Ninja's performance on Eurovision Song Contest.
As you know they represented Switzerland. This year both Lenna and Piret tried to participate in the contest but it didn't work out. And now Estonia is not even in the final. This all is worth to mention because this performance got them a lot of new fans around the world and still many people remember them from this event. For some fans this is the first song of Vanilla Ninja they ever heard. The 8th place can be considered a quite good position. Do you think Eurovision still means the same that it did 5 years ago?

Let's see this powerful performance once again:


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◄ 29 May 2010 ►◄ Vanilla Ninja in Revista 77►

Vanilla Ninja appeared in the latest edition of Brazilian "Magazine 77". The girls appear on the cover of the magazine and there's a full interview inside. The text on the cover says:

"The three stunningly beautiful Estonian girls come back to Brazil with another album: Love is War"

Source: www.revista77.com.br

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◄ 25 May 2010 ►◄ Lenna in China►

On Saturday Lenna and her band have gone to China to give 3 performances on world exhibition Expo 2010. Original schedule has been changed although. Lenna gives some more concerts besides Expo.
"We arrived in China this morning and we were already able to play in China's best jazz club - Cotton Club. We were given a very nice and warm welcome!" says Lenna.
We have also got to the schedule of the day in Estonia's sector on Expo 2010, which includes exact time of Lenna's performances.

13:00 Gathering at the Changqing Expo Gate (Tekway)

13:15-14:00 Presentation of the Estonian EXPO Pavilion (pavilion team)

Registration at pavilion’s VIP area (Tekway)

14:00-14:15 Greetings (Andres Unga, Tarmo Mutso, Honglei - moderator)

14:15-14:45 Presentation about Estonia (Estonian Tourist Board + Honglei)

14:45-17:00 Workshop

17:00-17:20 Food and drinks

17:20-17:45 Performance of Estonian singer Lenna Kuurmaa

17:45-18.00 Lottery

18:00 End of the event

Source: Õhtuleht & Savecity

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◄ 24 May 2010 ►◄ Mood►

Lenna has been included in the June 2010 issue of magazine Mood. You can find there a short interview with her as well as two stunning photos, one inside and one on the cover. See them by clicking on the thumbnail below:

Source: Mood

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◄ 23 May 2010 ►◄ Next episode►

Now we are able to watch second trailer from Kelgukoerad's series featuring Lenna. Full episode will be emitted on Friday, on Kanal2.

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