◄ 14 Jun 2010 ►◄ Meeste Tantsupidu 2010►

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◄ 11 Jun 2010 ►◄ Piret Järvis about Vanilla Ninja future and Disko4000►

Lately there were rumours that Vanilla Ninja has quit as a band (this information came from untrusted sources). We got answer from Piret Järvis about the Vanilla Ninja future. I hope this letter will clear uncertainty for fans :)

"VN is having a time-off, which means that each member concentrates on their own projects. We havent´t broken up, if this would have happened, we would have informed you.
Our plans really haven´t changed meanwhile. As we´ve said before we want to do something for our 10th anniversary, which will happen in 2012. Until then VN will be mainly inactive. But of course we will never say "no" to interesting projects and therefore you might hear of VN even before that.
Disko4000 will start working on the new material during this summer. We´ll be having a bandmeeting today and tomorrow. :)

Ok, hopefully I could clear up the rumours. :)

With all the best wishes,


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◄ 11 Jun 2010 ►◄ Is football better than sex?►

Today at the 11th of June the long with excitement awaited biggest sport event - the football World Cup - has begun in South Africa.
Because of that the Estonian magazine Naised has asked some Estonian celebrities, inter alia Piret, if football is better than sex.

Piret thinks that sex is better than football, but in her opinion not better than basektball.

Source: Kroonika

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◄ 10 Jun 2010 ►◄ Kati is a vegetarian►

It is a common knowledge that Katrin prefers a healthy lifestyle. She practises yoga and trains a lot. Lately Kroonika and Õhtuleht let us know that she is also a vegetarian now! Kati was so kind that she translated and posted to our facebook page's wall a bit of those articles and she added some comments to them.
"As a huge yogafan I decided after 3,5 years practicing yoga every morning to try also eating like a real yogi:) It means I drink only water, natural tees and natural juices, no drinks with gas, no smoking, no alcohol. I don´t eat meat, eggs, ...fish, seafood, birdmeat or anything else that has been once alive as a creature and is now a corpse. I eat everything else - fruits, vegetables, nuts, oils, rice, potatoes etc. Since May. I will see if there will be some more changes besides the fact that I have more positive energy :)"
Maybe it would be a base for you to become vegetarians and start to live more healthy life?

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◄ 10 Jun 2010 ►◄ Facebook page►

Just one week ago we invited you to join our Facebook page. Now we have already 73 fans, including... Vanilla Ninja girls themselves! Lenna, Katrin and Piret joined our page to show their support for us. We are very grateful for this. This is the huge motivation for our crew to make this page better and better. We'll keep on rocking! Do not miss such a great opportunity to support us togheter with Vanilla Ninja and "like" our Facebook page. The more of us there is, the better.

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◄ 09 Jun 2010 ►◄ Lenna's performance & interview►

Recently, Lenna performed one of her new songs from her album on Terevisioon. Watch below:

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◄ 07 Jun 2010 ►◄ Video: Interview with Piret and Kalle►

'Especially with Kalle I haven't travelled very often.', Piret said in an interview with Delfi.

The music couple plans to spend the summer relaxing at home in Estonia so they told Delfi. There aren't any longer tours planned.

Watch the interview below:

Source: Delfi

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◄ 07 Jun 2010 ►◄ Lenna's album most downloaded►

Lenna's album "Lenna" is currently on the first position in Top 10 Albums of Tele2 Online Music Store. If you're from Estonia, you can download the mp3s here.

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◄ 06 Jun 2010 ►◄ Premiere►

On Saturday night Lenna gave a concert in Rock Cafe in Tallinn to celebrate the premiere of her first solo album. Week before that she was performing in China in front of hundreds of Chinese people, who did not understand a word from what she was singing. In Rock Cafe her background vocalists were Marianne Ronimois, who plays in Estonian version of "High School Musical" and Keit Triisa, who took part in program Eesti Otsib Superstaari. Some famous faces of Estonian show business showed up on Lenna's concert - politician Margus Tsahkna, singer Margus Vaher, editor-in-chief of Cosmopolitan magazine Anu Lill or the winner of Eesti Otsib Superstaari- Ott Lepland. You can see some photos on Õhtuleht's site.

Source: Õhtuleht.ee

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◄ 05 Jun 2010 ►◄ Terevisioon►

On 3rd June Lenna and Vaiko Eplik appeared in Terevisioon program on ETV in order to talk about new album they made togheter. At the end Lenna sang "Kotkasilm" - a song from her solo CD. To watch the interview and performance go to ETV site. Interview starts from 107:47 and performance from 112:15.

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