◄ 06 Jul 2009 ►◄ Photos from the Strawberry Festival►

Click on the thumbnails to see photos from the Strawberry Festival and the Parade:

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◄ 06 Jul 2009 ►◄ What are Lenna's best style tricks?►

A special style of a singer Lenna Kuurmaa has been noticed a long time ago. What are her best style tricks?

"I paint my nails with different colours sometimes" - Lenna reveals to Cosmopolitan how she brings excitement into her life.

How exactly she does them it depends from her fantasy at that moment.
"For example, I paint most of them black and one pink and red."

Source: Kroonika. Thanks for the translation to Ramon.

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◄ 05 Jul 2009 ►◄ Piret about elderly people►

Vanilla Ninja singer Piret Järvis alleged that elderly people deserve much better life conditions than they already have now.

"Many old people are looking for empty bottles in trash bins or ask tourists for money. This sight is very painful" - says Järvis for Naised.

Singer added that injustice like this bothers her and the case of a low retire wages is a still very touted problem.

Source: elu24.

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◄ 05 Jul 2009 ►◄ Piret in Suvitaja►

Here you can watch a video with Piret in program Suvitaja.

Thanks for the video to Suurprobleem.

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◄ 05 Jul 2009 ►◄ Videos with Lenna and Piret►

On July 4th, Lenna and Piret appeared on The Strawberry Festival. You can watch the video here (2:44).

Here (2:36) you can watch them wearing national costumes on the parade.

Source: õhtuleht.

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