◄ 10 Aug 2009 ►◄ Katrin about Kerli►

Elu24 asked Katrin Siska what she thought of comparing Vanilla Ninja to Estonian singer Kerli. The keyboardist, who believes that today musician's success is measured on the basis of the amount of sold records, and the scale of these sales, says that as for today, Kerli is far behind Vanilla Ninja.

"You can't really compare Kerli to Vanilla Ninja, because she had barely begun her career and hasn't achieved as much as we did (yet). I have no doubt though, that our wonderful Kerli will be very succesful." Katrin sincerely whishes that a concert in front of big native audience helped Kerli to spread her wings.

Siska speaks also of media and their big influence on musicians' career and fate, pointing out that the contact with media is inevitable and neccessary for a well-known artist.
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◄ 30 Jul 2009 ►◄ Vanilla Ninja's possible tour in Winter►

A few days ago, after the "Muinasjutt Sinilinnust" concert in Kolga, Lenna came to fans and talked about the plans for the future. She informed that she's not going to see Madonna's concert in Tallinn and she will go to India after she finishes all of her projects. Moreover, she said that Vanilla Ninja will go on tour in Winter.

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◄ 29 Jul 2009 ►◄ More photos from BBP►

Click on the thumbnails below to see more new photos uploaded in our gallery from Vanilla Ninja performance at Tele2 Baltic Beach Party 2009.

Photos: liepajniekiem.lv, delfi.lv (Romans Kundeckis), VN-LINN (Kurt), Facebook (Artissco).

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◄ 27 Jul 2009 ►◄ More news from Tele2 Baltic Beach Party 2009►

Here you can find more photos from Tele2 Baltic Beach Party 2009 and Vanilla Ninja performance.
Also below you can watch an interview:

Source: VN-VIP

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◄ 26 Jul 2009 ►◄ Tele2 Baltic Beach Party 2009►

On July 24th Vanilla Ninja had made a concert at the biggest festival in Latvia - Tele2 Baltic Beach Party 2009 which was arranged on July 24th and 25th.
Vanilla Ninja concert lasted for about 50 minutes. They have performed 11 songs: Club Kung Fu, Tough Enough, Liar, When The Indians Cry, Don't Go Too Fast, Cool Vibes, Dangerzone (2 times), Rockstarz, Insane In Vain, Battlefield and Birds Of Peace. Before concert they had made a rehearsal and a short fan meeting which started at about 15.00 pm. Only Katrin and Piret were at the rehearsal. Lenna turned up right before the concert.
Finally, we have first photos which were taken by me and other fan from Lithuania via mobile phone. Sorry for poor quality but I hope you will enjoy these first photos from festival :) Keep visiting us to see the exclusive high quality photos taken by his awesomeness Tom and other fans.

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◄ 16 Jul 2009 ►◄ New layout!►

Guess What? Come on take a guess? You know you want to? NEW LAYOUT.... WOO HOO.
It’s bye bye to the old and in with the new. The awesomeness of this layout was created by the wonderful samary1175 and coded by his awesomeness vn-lithuanian-fan.

We hope you like it. Comments and suggestions are welcome and always appreciated.

Take care,
Love Ninjas crew: Tom, vn-lt-fan, Barshy, Angell & Yo-Tomek

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◄ 14 Jul 2009 ►◄ Tele2 Baltic Beach Party program►

On the Tele2 Baltic Beach official website you can find the official festival program. Vanilla Ninja will perform on July 24th 00:30 - 01:30 a.m. Our Ninjas will sing for 1 hour with other rock groups in the project "beachrock.lv".

You can download the program in PDF format by clicking here.

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◄ 13 Jul 2009 ►◄ Lenna about the Strawberry Festival►

A few days ago Lenna wrote a letter about the Strawberry Festival:

We tasted strawberries - very good and sweet Estonian strawberries!

We performed in a group that featured - Piret, me, Kallervo and Robi, on the guitar and the bongo drum: "Dangerzone", "Tough Enough", "Club Kung-Fu", "Vanad Teksad Ja Kitarr", "Liar" and "Cool Vibes".

Me and Piret hurried for the festival parade and when we came, we directly went to sing on the stage. Myself I just came from Lauluväljak. Great emotion. It was very powerful to sing with such a big crowd - mutual sense and mutual language. There were so many people in front of the stage, that they barely could stay there. Tears came into my eye. Followed by the anthem. Something as powerful and connecting makes that feeling hard to describe. The homeland is holy and that feeling is very good, what must remain. I would put people's hearts together, and it should be like this every day and always. There is so much cruelty, envy and evil in the world, our folk people should always stay together!


Source: Ninjaportaal. Thanks for the translation to Kristen.

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◄ 12 Jul 2009 ►◄ Lenna at Õllesummer►

Yesterday Lenna performed on Õllesummer together with Violina. Click here to watch the video (Lenna appears at 1:06) or click on the thumbnails below to see photos.

Source: VN-Vip.

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◄ 10 Jul 2009 ►◄ "Sellel ööl" in top 10 bestsellers on beatnet.eu►

"Sellel ööl" CD single is on the 3rd place in top 10 of best selling CDs on Beatnet.eu. Moreover, the song is also 3rd on Sky Plus' Top 10 of the most frequently played songs.

Sources: Beatnet, Sky Plus.

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