◄ 01 Sep 2009 ►◄ Piret at Protest GütteÖÖ club party►

On the 5th of September, Piret will visit Protest GütteÖÖ club, which is going to celebrate its anniversary. Among the DJs, as usual there will be Hando, Karl, Mikk, Kostja and Kalle. The guests expected to come are Piret Järvis, Karolin Kuusika and others. The party starts at 10 p.m.

Source: VNCity.

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◄ 01 Sep 2009 ►◄ Piret to take part in Cosmopolitan Ladies Golf 2009►

Piret Järvis together with Hanna Korsar, Daana Ots, Evely Ventsli, Triin Randloo, Jana Kask and others will show up at the event that will be held on 4. September.
Quoting the official website:
"Cosmopolitan Ladies Golf 2009 is a very glamourous womens event, that contain a competition ladies. To each flight will be drawn by lottery a Sport Star – a well known athlet, who will play together with competiting ladies. All guests are very welcome to enjoy the exciting program – golf demos, small competition between stars & guests, fast cars presentations, live dance & music and tasty drinks. Night will have closing with prizing, dinner and fireworks. All ladies, come to enjoy & start one of the most popular hobbies in the world - golf, glamourous athmosphere in beautiful Nature Park and picturesque golf course!"

Sources: Otepaagolf.ee, VNCity.

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◄ 01 Sep 2009 ►◄ Interview with Katrin►

A few days ago, Katrin Siska appeared in ETV's live show called "Ringvaade".
She presented the winning entries of the contest "Tallinna kingitus"and gave prizes to the contestants. Moreover, she told about the Centre Party accession, that occured recently.
The video is available to watch here. The interview begins at 53:45.

Source: VNCity.

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◄ 01 Sep 2009 ►◄ Lenna will appear in "Tähed muusikas" again►

Estonian Kanal 2 will broadcast the show "Tähed muusikas", which is still hosted by Mart Sander. On 12. September the episode of the new season will be dedicated to the song and beauty. The guests apart from Lenna are Merlyn "Merka" Uusküla, Ithaka-Maria Rahula and Birgit Õigemeel. The two teams will be represented by Tomi Rahula and Antti Kammiste.

Source: Ninjaportaal.

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◄ 24 Aug 2009 ►◄ Katrin joined the Centre Party►

The leadership of the Centre Party accepted Katrin Siska into the party’s ranks as 12,000th member of the political party, writes EPL Online.

Siska is known for her membership in the band Vanilla Ninja and is currently working as an assistant adviser in the Tallinn City Government.

“Politics is an exciting new area of my life,” said Siska in the party’s press release. “After having worked in the Tallinn City Government for six months, I am convinced that people there are hard-working, intelligent and pleasant,” she added.

“Many of them are members of the Centre Party – a political party that has repeatedly aided the population with its well-planned projects, like, for example, the aid package directed at the unemployed during the current difficult times,” said Siska, adding, “They execute their promises.”

Siska stated that she will continue working with her favourite areas – promoting culture, sports and youth policies. “I urge all ‘non-political’ young people to start having their say in politics, if they are even remotely interested in forming their own future,” she added.

Source: The Baltic Course.

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◄ 14 Aug 2009 ►◄ Photos from the Estonia - Brasil match►

Click on the thumbnails to go to the gallery:

Source: Õhtuleht.

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◄ 14 Aug 2009 ►◄ Lenna sings the national anthem►

On Wednesday 12.08 Lenna sang Estonian anthem at the beginning of the friendly match between Estonia and Brasil. Here's the video:

Thanks for the info to suurprobleem.

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◄ 12 Aug 2009 ►◄ "We want to take a little break from the band to keep it fresh"►

The sweet taste of Estonian vanilla – Interview with Lenna and Piret of Vanilla Ninja

Having access to the backstage of a festival has its good and bad sides. The bad ones is that you pay for a coffee or a beer more than outside, the good one is that you never know whom you can find sitting close to you. During last Rabarock festival in Estonia, I unexpectedly crossed my way with Lenna and Piret of Vanilla Ninja, one of the most international Estonian bands and did not waste the chance to shoot a few questions at them!
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◄ 12 Aug 2009 ►◄ Lenna's T-Shirts►

Those, who attended Lenna's concert from "Muinasjutt Sinilinnust" tour, had a chance to find something special in a little tour-shop. Not only did they sell Alen Veziko's debut album titled "Klaasist Maja" and promotional posters, but also T-Shirts designed by Lenna. The theme of this T-Shirt is of course a blue bird (Muinasjutt Sinilinnust – The Story of a Blue Bird), which is a symbol of the whole tour and a subject of one song performed during the performances. The T-Shirt was produced by the Estonian company Heavy Mental, available in all sizes, both for women and men and its size was 200 EEK (18 USD).

Look at the photos: click here. Thanks to Zuzia!

Source: Princess Kuurmaa.

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◄ 10 Aug 2009 ►◄ Lenna's holiday plans►

After hard work and many concerts during summer, in August Lenna Kuurmaa can finally sunbathe on a beach and take a rest.

One of the last events Lenna took part in was The Folk Music Festival in Viljandi. She sang there with a band called Zetod for a record amount of listeners. 'It was my first time at the festival and it left me a very positive impression. People enjoyed the show and their reaction was very warm.' says Lenna who might also take part at the festival next years.
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