◄ 17 Oct 2009 ►◄ "Love is War" finally released in Brazil►

"Love is War" is the fourth album by Vanilla Ninja and was originally released by EMI Music in Europe and Japan in 2006. The album is now available in Brazil thanks to company called Hellion Records, that also released the previous Vanilla Ninja albums and was responsible for introducing Vanilla Ninja to the Brazilian market.

"Love is War" is one of the most successful albums of Vanilla Ninja. In 2006 the album hit #1 in the Estonian charts, #14 in Switzerland, #16 in Germany, #29 in Austria and #48 in Poland. "Love Is War" includes some of the biggest hits of girls, such as "Dangerzone", "The Band That Never Existed", "Battlefield" and "Rockstarz". Even the music video for "Rockstarz" was one of the first shown on MTV Estonia.

Considered the best and the most mature work of Vanilla Ninja, "Love Is War" blends the exciting melodies and catchy choruses of "Traces Of Sadness" with heavy guitars and dense atmosphere of "Blue Tattoo". "Love Is War" received highly positive reviews from the European press. The Dutch website "Metal Maidens" stated that "Vanilla Ninja becomes better and better with each album ... and they are ready to dominate the world". Stylus Magazine reported that Love Is War is a "triumphant pop-rock album". The Brazilian version of "Love Is War" also features two bonus tracks: "Love Is Just A War" and "My Name".

"We are very pleased that people still believe in us, and that they are devoted to our music, acting on behalf of the distribution. Certainly, we are indebted to the thousands of fans in Latin America, from which the demand for it all became a reality, and has opened up great opportunities" stated Katrin Siska.

More info you can find on the official website of Hellion Records: Hellion.com.br that now features a special Vanilla Ninja dedicated page as the entrance to their website. We encourage all the Brazilian fans to buy the record! If you hesitate you can listen to all the album samples in our website: Music-Mp3 Samples or search on YouTube or other websites alike.
In the forthcoming months the album will be also released in Chile.

Source: Hellion Records Press Release / Delfi

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◄ 02 Oct 2009 ►◄ Videos with Lenna►

Here are some videos from Lenna's participations at Tähed muusikas:

Kui sul tuju hea (with Birgit, Merka and Ithaka-Maria) (12.09.2009)

Must Lind (26.09.2009)

Nii vaikseks kõik on jäänud (26.09.2009)

Here you can download a video from a photoshooting to the magazine "Anne & Stiil".

Thanks for the info to Suurprobleem.

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◄ 28 Sep 2009 ►◄ UHQ pics - Gallery update►

Watch new UHQ untagged photos in the gallery:

Laura Kallasvee photoshoot (x3)

Muinasjutt sinilinnust in Kolga (x66) [exclusive LN only]

Tele2 Baltic Beach Party - backstage (x2)

Lasnamäe Päevad (x1)

Tallinna Päevad (x17) [exclusive LN only]

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◄ 26 Sep 2009 ►◄ Happy Birthday, Lenna!►

Palju õnne sünnipäevaks, Lenna! We wish you a lot of health, happiness and success in your private life and career! Keep smiling and may the verve to the work and creating be always with you! :)

Love Ninjas Crew

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◄ 24 Sep 2009 ►◄ Katrin riding the bicycle with the Mayor of Tallinn►

Yesterday Katrin with Edgar Savisaar and a few other people from The City Government were seen trying out a six-person bicycle at Rocca al Mare beach promenade. You can see the video here.

Source: ohtuleht.ee. Thanks for the info to Suurprobleem.

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◄ 20 Sep 2009 ►◄ New addresses for VN Board and VN Media►

During the last few weeks we have successfully moved Love Ninjas, VN Board and VN Media to a new sever/host. Love Ninjas was moved first, followed by VN board and VN Media a few days later.
The new URL's are:
VN Board – www.board.love-ninjas.com
VN Media – www.media.love-ninjas.com
Now lets all go and enjoy ourselves in the new, faster and better sites. Its the same old forums just hosted by a different server.

P.S. From now on all Love Ninjas family sites have HotLink Protection. HotLink protection prevents other websites from directly linking to files on our website. The end result is that the other sites can’t steal our limited bandwidth.

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◄ 14 Sep 2009 ►◄ Lenna in "Tähed muusikas" - videos►

Thanks for the videos to bigproblem11.

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◄ 09 Sep 2009 ►◄ Katrin changes her style?►

Yesterday, Estonian portal Buduaar posted the interview with Katrin, in which she talks about "Eesti otsib Superstaari" (Estonian version of "Pop Idol"), that comes back with the new season on TV. She says that she likes to follow this show and she encourages young people to be well prepared and try their luck, because they don't lose anything. The new photo of Katrin was also uploaded on the website. Have a look:

What do you think about the new classy & serious business-woman style of Katrin?
How gorgeous does she look? ♥

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◄ 05 Sep 2009 ►◄ ZEN MTV Baltic Top 20 B-Day Special►

It's been 3 years since MTV Estonia started airing. To celebrate its anniversary they will broadcast a show which features VJ Martin Veisman and former VJs Kadri Bussov (2006–2007) and Piret Järvis (2007–2008). The programme will be aired on Saturday at 5 p.m.

Source: VNCity.

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◄ 01 Sep 2009 ►◄ Gallery update - Lenna's photos►

Watch new Lenna's photos in the gallery:

Source: Pressifoto.ee.

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