◄ 29 Nov 2009 ►◄ Aastahitt 2009►

The end of the year is getting closer as well as the top charts of the year. It is time to vote for Ninjas in few of such charts.

1. Raadio 2 Aastahitt 2009 - go to Aastahitt`s site. Eesti artist/lugu - Estonian artist/song ; Valismaa artist/lugu - foreign artist/song ; Nimi - your name ; Telefon - your telephone number ; E-post - your e-mail adress ; hääleta - vote . You need to fill in all the gaps. Vote for: Lenna Kuurmaa - Like a Kid ; B.D.Ö. feat. Vanilla Ninja - Operation B ; Violina feat. Lenna Kuurmaa - Sellel Ööl .
2. Numero Uuno 2009 - go to Numero Uuno`s site. Choose your favourite song in "Parim uus lugu aastal 2009 (lood on tähestikulises järjekorras)" - Best new song in year 2009 (songs are in alphabetical order) ; if you haven`t found your favourite song in the list, write it in "Kui nimekirjast 2009. aasta lemmiklugu ei leidnud, kirjuta oma lemmik siia" ; write your name in "Palun kirjuta siia oma nimi" and type your telephone number in "Palun kirjuta siia oma telefoninumber". To vote,click "Submit".
3. Unistuste Bänd 2009 - go to Aastahitt`s site,click on left on "Osale ka Unistuste Bändi liikmete valimisel!" and then fill in the gaps. Now you can vote for your favourite bass-guitarist (Basskitarrist) and drummer (trummar). We suggest you : bass-guitarist - Riivo Torstenberg (VN`s bass-guitarist) ; drummer - Priit Mägi (VN`s drummer). Vocalist,guitarist,keyboarder and DJ are going to be chosen on different dates.

Vanilla Ninja is also going to appear on Vana aasta õhtu programm (Old year evening programme) on Kaanal 2, on 31st December 2009.

EDIT 30.11.2009:

From today you can vote for your favourite keyboarder ("Klahvpillimängija" ; suggested - Stig Rasta) and guitarist ("Kitarrist" ; suggested: Piret Järvis , Taavi Langi) in Unistuste Bänd voting.

Source: Ohtuleht online ; Raadio Uuno , vanillaninja.ee

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◄ 29 Nov 2009 ►◄ Fanmeeting►

Christmas is coming. Because of this,girls decided to organize a fanmeeting in Tallinn. They have written an information about this on their official website.

"Dear fans! You are all very welcome to a fanmeeting, which is taking place on December 13th, starting at 1 p.m. at Stereo Lounge which is located in the oldtown of Tallinn (Harju street 6). We will cook pancakes for you and hope to have some fun time with you before Christmas!"

Date: 13th December 2009
Time: 1 p.m. (EST)
Where: Stereo Lounge (Harju street 6), Tallinn

Feel the spirit of Christmas togheter with Vanilla Ninja!;)

Source: vanillaninja.ee

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◄ 22 Nov 2009 ►◄ News from Lenna►

Lenna herself responds to your comments under the news about her new song and the video. Here is what she has written to you:

"Hey guys- just wanted to say- thanks for your comments, it’s good to know how people respond. Anyway- wanted to let those sad people know- that this is not the style my solo album and everything will be. I told in my interviews for Estonian media also that this is NOT my first single from my solo album. It is a special project! there will be more rock. but also not to give you wrong hopes- Lenna alone- is NOT vanilla ninja! it can’t be, and i don’t want it to be. vanilla ninja is vanilla ninja....
take care and thank you for sticking around!"

What is more, Lenna said in "Ringvaade" that her album is going to be released in Spring of 2010.

Famous Estonian singer, Ivo Linna, is going to celebrate his 60th birthday in rather uncommon way. He sets a tour "Tagasi tulevikku - Elu rokib" ("Back in the future - life rocks") and he asked some famous Estonian musicians to join him on the stage. Lenna couldn’t be missed. She will take part in all 4 concerts:
6. December 2009 - Tartu, Vanemuise kontserdimajas

8. December 2009 - Jõhvi kontserdimajas

9. December 2009 - Tallinn, Nokia kontserdimajas

10. December 2009 - Pärnu kontserdimajas

All concerts begin at 19:00 (EST). You can buy tickets on Piletilevi.ee.
Source: delfi.ee

Twest.ee is an Estonian twitter. Lenna advertises it togheter with Koit Tomme. She has created an account there as well. To see the advertisement click here. Now go, register and be able to follow Lenna at twest.

Thanks for info about twest to Katlin!
...and of course big thank you to Lenna for visiting our site and sharing information with us :)

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◄ 19 Nov 2009 ►◄ Lenna's new song & video "Like a Kid"►

Today, Lenna's new single "Like a Kid" premiered on ETV's show called "Ringvaade".
As the title says, the song in English and talks about feeling oneself as a child. The co-work of Lenna and a New York Film Academy student Steven Tool started of a common interest: Lenna was going to have a new single and Steven had an assignment of producing a music video at school. Steven helped to write a story concept of the video with Miami Ad School and they recorded it in cooperation with Estonian company Cube Productions. Steven thinks that the most successful thing about the recording was the casting - children Henno and Caroli were fantastic no matter that it was cold and wet. "I hope that public will receive the video very well" marked the producer Peeter Nieler, and added that this video was recorded in a very short time and with almost no budget. The singer wrote the song lyrics on her own and the music was composed by Stig Rästa, the keyboarder of Vanilla Ninja's live band. Watch the video below:

What do you think about the song? What do you think about the video? Is it going to be a hit in Estonian radios? Comment!

To read lyrics, click here.
To read more details about the video, click on "read more".

Thanks for this news to Zuzia :)
Read more..

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◄ 19 Nov 2009 ►◄ Lenna performed at charity event►

On Monday, Lenna performed together with 30 other people on the stage of Russian theater. It was a charity concert and the performers gathered 200 000 EEK (19 000 USD). As you can see in the picture, Lenna had her hand covered in lyrics. She explained this idea: "I just need it psychologically, because I feel much more confident on stage". And the way she writes the letters is not accidental at all: "They are always written in such a way that people think it is a tattoo". Take a look at the photos from this show:

Lenna's peformance (x5)
Sources: Õhtuleht / Delfi.

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◄ 13 Nov 2009 ►◄ Piret's new photos►

Check out the new photos from Piret's trip to France:

Piret in France (x13)

There are also 2 videos from this trip:

Source: Alari Kivisaar

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◄ 11 Nov 2009 ►◄ Various news about Lenna, Katrin and Piret►

At the end of October, Vanilla Ninja (Lenna and Katrin) appeared at the 17th birthday party of the club "Von Krahl". Together with BDÖ, they performed "Operation B". Watch the clips: (Operation B, Lenna in the background, Katrin playing the keyboard, Drinking Lenna, Drinking Lenna 2). See the photos: album, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8.

Piret, at the time when the girls were performing, was in France, that's why she did not come. She was recording the TV documentary about a vineyard in Bordeaux. Look at the photo of her crew here.

Lenna has quite active Autumn and Winter, she still keeps on performing at different events. Check the dates below:
15.11.2009 - "Minul On" in Tallinn
16.11.2009 - "Kuula Palun" in Tallinn
03.12.2009 - "Sellest saab meie suvi" in Tallinn (poster)
18.12.2009 - "Leigo Jõulukontsert" solo concert with Mihkel Mattisen in Valgamaa
19.12.2009 - "VALG(R)ED JÕULUD" in Tartu
21.12.2009 - "VALG(R)ED JÕULUD" in Tallinn

The tickets for the venues are available in Piletilevi.ee website.

Sources: Piletilevi.ee/VN-Linn/Õhtuleht

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◄ 11 Nov 2009 ►◄ Lenna's song featured in the compilation►

In Estonia, there has just been released an album called "Minul on" ("I have"). It contains the songs written by Venno Loosaar. The compilation features Lenna's song next to songs sung by well-known Estonian singers including: Birgit Õigemeel, Jaagup Kreem, Lea Liitmaa, Karl Madis, Ivo Linna, Ines, Koit Toome, Jaan Elgula, Villu Tamme, Gerli Padar, Ewert Sundja, Kristjan Kasearu, Tuuli Taul, Bonzo, Kaire Vilgats, Riho Sibul, Siiri Sisask, Venno Loosaar. The album has 18 songs and 14 poems and it is for both kids and adults.

On this Sunday, there will be also a concert dedicated to these songs. It will take place in the large hall of Puppet Theater in Tallinn at 18:00.

Sources: Delfi.ee / Piletilevi.

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◄ 11 Nov 2009 ►◄ Katrin featured in Sportland clothing ad►

Look at the Sportland advertisement below:

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◄ 17 Oct 2009 ►◄ Katrin Siska played golf with her fan!►

Estonian portal Delfi.ee organized during the Summer a photo-contest "Me and a star". The jury has chosen to show photos of Vanilla Ninja's fan called Keio. He had the pleasure to play golf with Katrin and they posed together for the pics!

The 16 year old schoolboy has been band's fan for five years. "Every time I got pocket money, I went to buy magazines" says Keio, who has been in magazines and newspapers and collected images of girls printed by press in a huge ring binder. "He has always been one of our biggest fans, he visited each concert, took photos and asked for autographs on our albums" said Katrin.

The boy chose to meet his idol at the golf course. Katrin, who has learned playing golf in the primary school said that she does not know when she would come back to the course as she has many other hobbies and she works a lot anyway. She stated that her hobbies include music, yoga, surfing and fashion and added: "Last summer, it was nice to play golf, I would be glad to take part in such event again." Keio also got enthusiastic and hopes that the new kind of sport will soon interest more Estonians.

Look at the photos from their meeting:

Meeting fan at the golf course (x20)

Source: Delfi.ee

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