◄ 23 Jan 2010 ►◄ Vanilla Ninja's company earned over a million crowns►

Three Ninjas - Katrin Siska, Lenna Kuurmaa and Piret Järvis established a company Vanilla Ninja Records OÜ, that gathered over 1 million Estonian kroons (EEK) in 9 months.

In 2008, the company collected 1 032 777 kroons (EEK). Most of the money, however, was taken by the expenses, which amounted to 915 408 krooons (EEK).

They didn't get any pay from their company, but shared between the 3 of them 108 363 kroons (EEK).

Source: delfi

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◄ 22 Jan 2010 ►◄ Piret has a new job►

Piret has found a new job! Now she works at Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications of Estonia, as a public relations department adviser. Today is her third day at work. Piret, however, has worked in the public sector before. "The whole environment and the organization is new for me. But on the other hand, very exciting", she informed. "I don't know how long I can make a living from working in entertainment. Musicians have to be prepared for the fact that they might not always be on top", she added. Her duties include advising the ministry, the media, and being an intermediary between the Economic Affairs and Communications. Watch the video footage below:

Another video is available here.

Sources: Õhtuleht / ERR

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◄ 11 Jan 2010 ►◄ Lenna in pre-selections of Eesti Laul 2010►

The names of the 10 acts to compete at the Estonian selection for Eurovision 2010, Eesti Laul, have been disclosed moments ago. Several names are already familiar to the competition. The producer for the show, Heidy Purga, stated that these ten are "the best songs" received by the broadcaster.

This is the list of hopefuls to compete at Eesti Laul 2010:

* Iiris Vesik - Astronaut (songwriters Iiris Vesik and Ago Teppand)
* Disko 4000 - Ei usu (songwriters Piret Järvis, Sander Loite, Paul Oja and Kallervo Karu)
* Violina feat Rolf Junior - Maagiline päev (songwriters Mihkel Mattisen, Timo Vendt, Rolf Roosalu and Liis Lass)
* Nikita Bogdanov (songwriter and performer) - Made me cry
* Mimicry - New (songwriters Timmo Linnas, Kaspar Ehlvest, Ivar Kaine, Kene Vernik and Paul Lepasson)
* Marten Kuningas - Oota mind veel (songwriters Heini Vaikmaa and Oskar Ove)
* 3 Pead - Poolel teel (songwriters Janek Murd and Erkki Tero)
* Lenna Kuurmaa - Rapunzel (songwriter Vaiko Eplik)
* Groundhog Day - Teiste seest kõigile (songwriters Tõnn Tobreluts, Tauno Tamm, Keio Münti and Indrek Mällo)
* Tiiu Kiik (songwriter and performer) - The one and only - Love

These artists will fight for the Estonian ticket to Oslo on March 12th. They have been selected out of 155 submitted entries. Heidy Purga, producer for the show, said that the 10 finalists are "the ten best" acts among all the candidates.

Shortlisting them was responsibility for a 11-member jury, comprising Ardo Ran Varres, Olavi Paid, Erik Morna, Toomas Puna, Ingrid Kohtla, Helen Sildna, Owe Parsley, Meelis Meri, Dawn Raudsepp, Siim Nestor and Valner Valme.

Source: esctoday.com

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◄ 04 Jan 2010 ►◄ Lenna denied her relationship with Rasmus►

After publishing the video with Lenna's interview from Aastahitt, there has been some confusion for the fans. Now it is all clear, Lenna has confirmed that she is no way in relationship with Rasmus Kaljujärv, who has claimed they have been together for 3 years. The singer said that everything was just a joke. Being asked whether their friendship may be something more to become, Lenna answered: "It is hard to say. You never know what might happen." She also said that she is no longer with Robert: "We parted in peace. We are now just friends."

There is another good news for you. Now you have a possibility to view 20 more photos from the Aastahitt gala thanks to Tõnu Kruusimäe, who allowed our website to show his photos. Take a look in the gallery:

Aastahitt 2009 (x35)

Source: Delfi.

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◄ 03 Jan 2010 ►◄ R2 Aastahitt 2009►

On 02.01.2010, there was an annual music event called Aastahitt in Tallinn. Both Piret and Lenna have been there! Watch the photos in the gallery:

Aastahitt 2009 (x15) via Õhtuleht, Delfi, Elu24 & Weekend

There were also interviews with Lenna and Piret:

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◄ 01 Jan 2010 ►◄ Videos from Aastavahetus Kanal 2ga►

Yesterday, Kanal 2 broadcast a New Year's Eve show including Vanilla Ninja's "Club Kung-Fu", "Cool Vibes" and also interview. Watch below:

There is also one video with Lenna and Tanel Padar performing at Mikk Targo juubelikontsert.

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◄ 31 Dec 2009 ►◄ 2009 Summary►

Read a short summary from the events that happened in 2009 below:

January 2009:
- Katrin became the keyboarder of Unistuste Bänd 2009
- Lenna performed at Drum&Bass Gala

February 2009:
- Lenna signed an advertising contract with Puhas Loodus cosmetics
- Piret performed with Ithaka Maria at Estonian pre-selections for Eurovision
- Lenna became Kroonika's Sexiest Woman for the second time

March 2009:
- Piret performed at the final of the Estonian selections for Eurovision and got 6th place
- Lenna performed with Mutated Forms at the same event as a special guest
- Two of Vanilla Ninja's songs were revealed to be covered by African artists
- VN took part in the Estonian Music Awards
- Lenna performed at Eesti otsib Lemmiklaulu

April 2009:
- Lenna and Piret appeared in Tähed Muusikas
- Lenna's Puhas Loodus commercial was on TV
- VN performed at Playboy Playmate
- Katrin visited Children's Song Contest

May 2009:
- Lenna got 4th place in FHM's "The 100 Sexiest Women"
- Violina's song "Sellel ööl" with Lenna's vocal went on air and later became Summer hit
- VN performed at "Days of Tallinn"
- VN recorded "Operation B", a new version of BDÖ's song
- Katrin and Piret appeared in the TV show "Rooside sõda"

June 2009:
- Lenna went to Spain, she won the trip with "The Sexiest" title
- VN performed at the "Days of Lasnamäe"
- VN performed at the Rabarock Festival

July 2009:
- Lenna toured with Alen Veziko
- Piret and Lenna performed at the Strawberry Festival
- Lenna performed at Õllesummer
- Vanilla Ninja's third visit to Latvia at Tele2 Baltic Beach Party 2009 with full concert

August 2009:
- Lenna began to sell her T-Shirts
- Piret and Lenna announced the band was going on break
- Katrin joined the Centre Party

September 2009:
- Katrin rode a six-person bike with people from the city government
- Lenna performed in "Tähed muusikas"

October 2009:
- "Love is War" finally released in Brazil 3 years after the European release

November 2009:
- Katrin appeared in a clothing advertisement
- Lenna released a solo song with a music video "Like a Kid"

December 2009:
- Fanmeeting in Tallinn
- Lenna's first single "Musta pori näkku" off her new album was released

Announcement from the Love Ninjas’ team:
One of our team members decided to go separate ways. We regret to inform you that Barshy will no longer be helping us. Thank you for all the hard work you’ve been putting in the website for the last 3 years and we’re sure it will still be appreciated by the visitors.

And we have a little poll for you:

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◄ 28 Dec 2009 ►◄ Lenna Kuurmaa - Kosmose jõgi on taevas►

We have another video with Lenna from the concert! It's been over a month since "Minul on" concert was recorded, but it aired a few days ago on TV. See the performance:

Thanks for the information and video to suurprobleem!

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◄ 27 Dec 2009 ►◄ Lenna in Solaris Centre►

On 25. December, Lenna with Mihkel Mattisen performed in Solaris Centre. The singer sang the following songs: "Sellel ööl", "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas", "Let it Snow! Let it Snow! Let it Snow!", "Saatus naerdes homse toob" and "Tõuse üles ja läheme ära". You can see the photos from this event here.

Source: Ninjaportaal.

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◄ 27 Dec 2009 ►◄ Lenna visited her fan in hospital►

Kätlin Pillai (17) could be an average girl but her Christmas is totally different from that of ordinary people. Kätlin has been using a breathing apparatus for 14 years and she has to stay in bed. She is paralyzed and can move only her head. In her life, music plays very important role. She likes to listen to Smilers, Terminaator, Ines, Vanilla Ninja, Paradise Crew and Hannah. The girl also likes foreign music like Rammstein or Lady GaGa. One of her dreams was to meet her favourite singers and it has come true. Hannah and Lenna decided to surprise Kätlin and they visited her. You can see the photo from this visit here.

Source: Delfi.

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