◄ 19 Jul 2010 ►◄ New songs►

Lenna's performance on Õllesummer 2010 contained some surprises for her fans. She performed three unexpeted songs. First one was a new version of Saatus Naerdes Homse Toob, played for the first time with Lenna's band. The second track was a runic song Suure Tamme Lugu (A Story of the Big Oak) originally recorded by the band Collage. The last one was Realistliku Ingli Laul (Song of the Realistic Angel)- it had words of Jüri Üdi's poem and melody composed by Lenna's bass player - Martin Laksberg. Fans had been assured that more new songs would be introduced on future concerts.

Source: Ninjaportaal

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◄ 19 Jul 2010 ►◄ Õllesummer►

On July 15th, Lenna, together with her band, performed on Õllesummer festival 2010. Many people decided to come and listen to her songs live and they couldn’t be disappointed – not only she sang songs from her solo album, but also some brand new ones. After the show she was interviewed by Õhtuleht. Reporter asked her about the feelings after the performance. She said she hadn’t expected that during the concert someone would give her a present – big, plush, green horse. Moreover, it nicely surprised her that it had been a guy who had given her the gift. Lenna mentioned that it had been a long time since somebody had thrown the gift for her onto the stage. She remembers that people used to do that on Vanilla Ninja concerts, but she understands that her fans grow old, as well as she does. She promised to bring the big mascot home and take care of it, as a nice keepsake of this very positive event. Seizing the opportunity, she denied singing only Vaiko Eplik’s songs – she also had a big and important part in making them, so they can’t be considered only as Vaiko’s. What is more, some new songs are being written by her and members of her band and they may see the daylight soon. Also the new, rather experimental song, which she sang during her show on Õllesummer, will be finished someday. Lenna announced that she would introduce some more of the new and unheard songs during her forthcoming concerts. At the end, when reporter asked her, whether she would watch any of the concerts on Õllesummer, she answered that she would probably go and watch H.I.M. You can watch the video from the interview, by clicking on the adress of the source,below.

Source: Õhtuleht

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◄ 09 Jul 2010 ►◄ Katrin's photoshoot►

Katrin's last photoshoot has finally been uploaded. You can see the results here: click.
Don't you think that she looks fabulous?
Thanks for the information to Kätlin.

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◄ 06 Jul 2010 ►◄ Lenna's performance in Rock Cafe►

Lenna presented her first solo album "Lenna" on 4 concerts - in Pärnu (June 4th), Tallinn (June 5th), Tartu (June 11th) and in Suure-Jaani (June 20th). Now everyone can watch her performance from Rock Cafe, Tallinn, which took place on June 5th. Just click on the links below to watch renditions of most of the songs from Lenna's CD.

1. Musta pori näkku
2. Ebaõnn naeratab
3. Kogu tõde jüriööst
4. Kotkasilm & 5. Aed
6. Maailm ei keerle
7. Torm
8. Tigedad liblikad
9. Rapunzel
10. Musta pori näkku- encore
11. Kogu tõde jüriööst- encore

Source: VN-VIP

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◄ 02 Jul 2010 ►◄ Lenna fishing►

Yesterday, TV3 emitted program "Kalamehejutud" ("Fisherman's Stories"). Lenna Kuurmaa was a guest there on 3rd of June. She went fishing in the sea area near Haapsalu and there professional fishermen showed her how to fish in a proper way. She had casted with a fishing rod and after a long time fish got caught. Watch the whole episode below and see Lenna's battle with fish & sea with your own eyes.

Lenna Kuurmaa @ Kalamehejutud on 30.06.2010
Uploaded by bigproblem11.

Source: Ninjaportaal

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◄ 30 Jun 2010 ►◄ Katrin about lotteries►

Tonight, The Viking Lottery has reached 92 Million krones to be won, one of the highest lottery jackpots reached in Estonia. The director of the Lindakivi Centre, Katrin Siska, even decided to try her luck and has already brought herself a ticket in the draw
"I play in Viking lottery and Bingo. Up to now, I have won 100 krones" said Katrin to Publik.
She thinks that this "lottery-luck" has caught her in Germany some time ago. "I had played the lottery four times there and I won about 1000 krones each time."

Sources: Kroonika, Delfi

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◄ 28 Jun 2010 ►◄ Lenna's lyrics update►

The lyrics from Lenna's brand new album have finally been uploaded to our website. If you wish, you can also listen to the music samples. To read and listen go here. Thanks to orchid for sending us the lyrics :)

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◄ 23 Jun 2010 ►◄ Lenna's new photoshoot►

Maiken Staak has co-operated with Lenna while taking promotional photos for her new solo album "Lenna". Only a few of them were shown, but Maiken has uploaded those pictures to the official page and now everyone can see all the photos from this amazing photoshoot. To see them go to Maiken Staak's official site.

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◄ 23 Jun 2010 ►◄ Love Ninjas at Myspace►

We suggest you to join ("add to friends") our Love-Ninjas page at MySpace. This page is for people who like and visit www.love-ninjas.com and want to be up-to-date with photos, videos and news.
As far as we have a Facebook page, we thought it would be a good idea to have a MySpace page as well. Join and share the ninjalove :)

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◄ 19 Jun 2010 ►◄ Lenna on Traffic's video premiere►

On 17th of June band Traffic presented their new video, filmed during their trip to Turkey. Clip had been made for the song "Elekter" from Traffic's upcoming album. Lenna was present on the display and she even posed for photos with main characters of the video. You can see photos of Lenna sitting in the audience and posing with UFO on Weekend.ee. For people who are interested in what does Traffic's video look like - you can watch it on Traffic's Youtube channel.

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