◄ 21 Aug 2010 ►◄ Independence again►

Yesterday, Estonia was celebrating 19th anniversary of its liberation from Soviet Union's occupation. 19th years ago, on August 20th 1991, Soviet Union broke-up and all the countries that had been embodied by it were free again. Because of this important occassion, Estonian president threw a reception and invited guests from Estonia's political and cultural world. Lenna was one of the guests there and she performed with her band to honour this significant date in Estonian history. You can watch the photos on Delfi.ee

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◄ 18 Aug 2010 ►◄ Concerts►

Some new dates of Lenna's concerts had been announced:

Bänd Kämp final concert- August 19th, Lihula Linnusemäel, 19:00 (Estonian time) - poster

Atlantis Live- August 21st, Club Atlantis, Tartu, 22:00 - line-up, poster

Tallinn- European Capital of Culture 2011 preparations - August 29th, Pärnu, 17:30

HU? concert- September 3rd, Rock Cafe Tallinn, 21:00 - tickets

Elvis Presley lugu- September 30th, Nokia Kontserdimaja, Tallinn, 19:00 - tickets, poster

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◄ 31 Jul 2010 ►◄ Online-interview►

We have a nice idea, which may interest all the fans :) Because one of our editors is going to Estonia on August 6th, and will probably meet with Lenna, we decided to follow well-known Estonian newspapers and prepare an online-interview. And here comes the most important part - yours. If you have any questions you would like to ask Lenna about, just post them in comments. We will choose the most interesting ones and use them in the interview with her. Please, write up to 10 questions and remember that the deadline of posting them is on August 3rd. So, set your imagination free and do not be shy! :) Maybe it is going to be your question, we will ask Lenna about?

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◄ 28 Jul 2010 ►◄ New video►

Today, a new official video for Lenna's next solo single Kogu tõde jüriööst had been presented in ETV's program Eesti Top 7. You can help Lenna's clip get higher in this chart by voting for it HERE. All you have to do is to mark the spot next to Lenna - Kogu tõde Jüriööst UUS and then click Hääleta. In the next episode we will see if the video get into fight for the 1st place in the chart or if it is not going to be present in the program again. You can watch the whole clip below. And do not forget to VOTE!

Lenna - Kogu tõde jüriööst
Uploaded by bigproblem11.

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◄ 25 Jul 2010 ►◄ Maailm ei keerle►

One of the videos, which had been used as a background on Lenna's concerts promoting her first solo album "Lenna", is now available on YouTube. It was recorded in Tallinn and Shanghai, where Lenna, together with her band, had been performing on EXPO 2010. Now everyone can share their China's experience - just watch the video below. The whole clip is based on song from Lenna's solo CD - Maailm ei keerle.

Lenna - Maailm ei keerle
Uploaded by koduloom1

Thanks to Mari for sending us the video.

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◄ 23 Jul 2010 ►◄ 11 questions to Lenna►

Magazine Naisteleht asked Lenna 11 questions, as a part of a series, where Estonian celebrities are asked 11 questions about their lives.

1. What did you buy recently and how much did it cost?
I bought a watermelon on Nõmme market. It was heavy and I paid about 60 EEK.
2. Name one place in Estonia, which brings smile to your face.
I love the moors. Everytime I go there I think "Oh God, how beautiful it is here". I like islands either. My favourite are Aegna and Naissaar.
3. Which item in your wardrobe may shock?
I do not know if it may shock, but the latex costume I was wearing on Meeste Tantsupidu in Rakvere generated a lot of anxiety.
4. Who would you call first, if you won 1 million EEK?
Just yesterday I have had a conversation about who can I call any time. I would call my brother, for sure, and also some good friends of mine.
5. What would you do if you had a chance to be invisible for one day?
Only for one day? If I had more time, I would go for a trip around the world.
6. What is your favourite shop in Estonia?
Because it is summer, I love to visit markets. Nõmme market is my favourite one and I go there everyday.
7. Do you look on your reflection in shop-windows?
Not all the time, but I do not have a full-length mirror at home. Because of that I look on my reflection in the display window, in order to check if everything looks okay.
8. What is your worst habit?
I do not like when people are late, but sometimes I am tardy also. So, being late is definetely one of my bad habits.
9. How long does it take you to get through your beauty procedures in the morning?
Not long. I wash my face, brush my teeth and I am ready. In summer I additionaly need to bathe my face with tonic. It takes me maximum 5 minutes.
10. What is your favourite restaurant in Tallinn?
Boheem - they have a good price-quality relationship and a nice atmosphere. I do not eat out very often, but I have the list of 3 favourite restaurants: Boheem, Sushi Cat and Vapiano.
11. What food you can not resist?
Sushi. Sometimes I go out and eat it and sometimes I prepare it at home by myself.

Source: Naisteleht

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◄ 23 Jul 2010 ►◄ Viljandi folk►

"I have visited Viljandi Folk only once - it was last year, when I was a guest there. The event was exhilarating and people who had come there were very happy" recalls Lenna Kuurmaa, who last year performed on Viljandi Pärimusmuusika festival togheter with band Zetod. "It is folk music festival, which undoubtedly leaves good memories" Lenna encourages Publik readers to visit Viljandi Folk. Does she plan to go there also this year? "I do not know, maybe on Saturday, but currently I have a lot of work and things to do". Last year she also performed on Viru Folk in Käsmu "It was cute, rather small and intimate event". Lenna says that this year she has found a golden mean between work and relaxation in summer. "I work but I can swim, play, sunbathe and enjoy the summer".

Source: Delfi.ee

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◄ 23 Jul 2010 ►◄ Support►

On August 3rd, Mica Penniman, widely known as Mika, is performing on Tallinna Lauluväljak. It is a big music event, so it was necessary to choose a good supporting artist, who would warm-up the audience properly. It was Lenna and her band, who finally had been chosen to play before Mika. "I am very happy that they have chosen me" said Lenna after hearing this good news. "It is going to be the biggest show I have ever had as a solo artist. Also for my band it will be the greatest event we have played on so far. We are going to prepare for it with special care". If you want to go, you can purchase the tickets on Piletilevi.ee.

Thanks for the info to Suurprobleem.

Source: Delfi.ee

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◄ 20 Jul 2010 ►◄ Katrin on holidays ►

Katrin is not afraid of water - this year she'll try kite-surfing.

"The adrenaline you get while kite-surfing gives you a lot of positive energy for the whole day." - she says in an interview for "Naised" magazine. She remembers however, to remain careful: "I know you shouldn't overestimate your abilities."
She's also reasonable on the beach: "When I go sunbathing I always take some sun lotion, something to cover my head with and a bottle of water. I don't tend to swim in deep water and I try to keep an eye on the others so, if necessary, I could go for help or persuade the drunk ones not to go into the water."
The interesting fact is that Katrin is afraid of thundrstorms. She says she always unplugs all electrical devices and stays as far from windows as possible during one.

Source: Love Ninjas & Roscoe To Death

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◄ 20 Jul 2010 ►◄ Lenna in charts►

Lenna does pretty well in charts.

Her album is the sixth best selling record in Estonia (as for 12th June). "Mida sa teed" single is also on good positions in radio charts: 27th in Radio Uuno, and 30th in Sky Plus.
Congratulations and we wish even more success :)

Source: Love Ninjas & Roscoe To Death

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